Season 11 Renewed

The Big Bang Theory will be back with a bang next year and move into Season 11 with all the cast members, Kaley Cuoco, Jim Parsons and Johnny Galecki. So, fans can be sure of the CBS comedy series treating them with copious doses of laughter for one more season.

It is being said that Season 11 of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ has been officially confirmed but it could face cancellation after this season, reports Movie Pilot. According to the news outlet, the cancellation has a connection with Jim Parsons who plays the popular character, Sheldon Cooper. As for Season 11, it is expected to air in mid-September 2017, soon after Season 10 and all the seven lead characters would be coming back for the potential final season.

Notably, Season 11 renewal was not announced by the showrunners even after Season 10 took off. The standoff between the actors and the producers over the issue of salary raise had stretched pretty long and after a teenage Sheldon spin-off series started doing the rounds, the fans became anxious. It was speculated that the spinoff would replace ‘The Big Bang Theory.’

However, Season 11 is confirmed now and Kaley Cuoco, who had refused to renew her contract has agreed to sign up and so has Johnny Galecki, who plays her on-screen husband. As for Jim Parsons aka Sheldon, there is no confirmation from his side that he is leaving the show in order to focus on ‘The Monarch is Going to Shit.’ So, his departure chances are very less and thus, fans can easily look forward to a delightful Season 11.

Though nothing has been revealed about the story arc for Season 11, there is immense scope for speculations. Howard and Bernadette’s baby can bring about a new journey for the two as well as for Leonard and Penny who can become the godparents of the newborn baby. Howard’s father might also show up and so can Priya. Amy and Sheldon can get married and the former’s parents can meet him and his friends.

Well, with the renewal of the contract for Kaley Cuoco, Jim Parsons and Johnny Galecki, “The Big Bang Theory” Season 11 is certainly going to be exciting and even if it does not lead to Season 12, the probable Sheldon spin-off would be enough to keep the fans going.