Howard Wheels Around His Latest Invention On The Big Bang Theory

When it comes to humor, there’s sometimes a fine line between funny and offensive.

After Bernadette had told Howard that his remote-controlled Stephen Hawking action figure was in poor taste, the inventor looked to his friends for validation in the latest episode of The Big Bang Theory entitled “The Geology Elevation.”
First up was Raj, who initially seemed amused by the whirling wheelchair.

However, upon hearing the toy say, “Gentlemen, start your wheelchairs,” Raj quickly changed his mind.

Determined to find someone—anyone—to throw him a chuckle, Howard visited a handful of his fun-loving friends. Unfortunately, things didn’t go quite the way he anticipated.

After Amy had slammed the lab door in his face, Howie headed to see Leonard, who, as you may recall, once danced around as a “sexy carrot” to make Penny laugh. Surely he would find the invention humorous.

No? No.

After three unsuccessful visits, Howard made one more stop to someone he knew wouldn’t be able to resist: Barry Kripke, whose enthusiastic reaction elicited a much different response in Howard.

You can’t win ’em all!